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Comprehensive Glove Management

Bates Enterprises offers a complete, comprehensive glove management program that includes all of our cost and time saving services, as well as customized laundering. This is the "total package" and offers the most cost savings for your company.

We will work with your company to analyze the applications of your PPE use, making recommendations for the most appropriate gloves and/or PPE. We will determine a laundering program, customizing it to your needs. A pick up and delivery schedule will then be made that supports your production schedule.

We will analyze the contaminants and nature of the products being used to determine the wash cycles and proprietary formula to safely and effectively clean the fiber. We begin your laundering program with complete item tracking reports, repair services and scrap recycling options when applicable.

Below is an outline of how we can save you valuable time with our Comprehensive Glove Management Program:

Your Time Savings

So what does it mean?

We do everything here, which means you don't have to. Imagine the time saved by not having to employ your own people to perform the daily tasks of glove management. Our programs are designed to save you money, not just on decreased glove costs, but also by decreasing the expenses of managing a safety wear program. All you have to do is focus on your business strengths.














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