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Bates Enterprises, an industrial recycling company specializing in the laundering of safety wear for industrial applications, has been built on a long family tradition. Owner Carla Bates grew up watching her father and grandfather operate a small laundry business. Her grandfather actually brought the very first laundry mat to Alexander City and Childersburg, AL. By the time her father had taken over the business, he laundered only one commercial PPE (personal protective equipment) account.

After Carla completed her degree at the University of Alabama in Business and Marketing, she took a job that required her to travel all over the country. She enjoyed all the exposure, but soon realized what a dynamic business environment the state of Alabama had to offer. The state was ripe for development, especially by automotive manufacturers.

Original Bacon's Laundry

After significant research, Carla indentified a need for laundering and recycling PPE for industrial applications that was not being met. After careful consideration, she designed a business model that saved customers money and helped reduce the amount of PPE contaminating landfills at the same time. In 1995, she took a leap of faith and purchased the family business, and Bates Enterprises, Inc. was born.

Interest and customers grew as Carla began the long process of educating the industry on the benefits of recycling all types of fibers, including high performance and engineered fabrics such as Dyneema©, Kevlar™, and Twaron™. Bates Enterprises now launders numerous multi-fiber materials contained in gloves, rags, sleeves, filters and other PPE items, savings companies money and time.

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As the company has grown, we have maintained a commitment to learning, ensuring that the company upholds the highest standards of environmental friendliness and protection. We research and utilize the most up-to-date cleaning methods, and remain sensitive to the needs of the automotive and manufacturing industries.






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