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Customized Laundering Programs

With our customized laundering programs, we will work with your current glove and PPE distributor to design the most cost effective laundering program for the current products being used for each application.
We will analyze your current gloves and PPE, customize a laundering program, and determine a pick up and delivery schedule. Next we will analyze the contaminants and nature of the products being used to determine the wash cycles and proprietary formula.

Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment allowing us the flexibility to customize our laundry programs around your needs. We work with a team of experts to design a wash cycle that is tailored to meet your individual needs and specific contaminants. This ensures a cleaner, higher quality product that will last longer than other laundering methods.

We have mastered specialized cleaning processes that attack greases, grimes, oils, and many contaminants. Our laundery formulas will not destroy the integrity of glove coatings or the performance value of your gloves and PPE.

Why Launder?

  • Reduces your total annual PPE cost
  • Reduces the high cost of PPE replacement
  • Increases the life of your PPE through proper laundering processes
  • Keeps gloves fresher and more comfortable
  • Less risk of dermatitis











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