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Bates Enterprises sees laundering PPE as a single step in the process. There are many companies that will provide a customer with little more than a laundromat service. Bates Enterprises adds value by incorporating business solutions and alternatives that go beyond choosing a glove and washing it.

Our business professionals understand the manufacturing industry. Our employees are our greatest investment and asset. We rely more on 'consulting with' rather than 'selling to' our customers - fostering a partnership. Our customers expect more than a salesman selling a laundry service and we expect more from ourselves.

It just makes sense:

  • The technicians are using higher quality PPE at a fraction of the overall cost of single use PPE
  • The analysis, inventory control, tracking, delivery and shipping are all handled by Bates Enterprises
  • Purchasing agents are relieved of managing daily PPE needs and inventory which allows them to focus on other revenue producing activities
  • The environment is relieved from having thousands of single use PPE's dumped unecessarily into landfills











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