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PPE in Government Sector

PPE in Government Sector

Standard Laundering Just Isn't Enough

Save money and reduce waste with industrial PPE laundering services and recycling solutions for the government sector. Try us out with a free trial!

PPE Laundering Services for Government Sector

The pandemic has changed how people prioritize occupational safety and health for the better. This change is especially apparent in the government sector, where workers need personal protective equipment (PPE) for many reasons, from handling dangerous maintenance equipment to breathing toxic gasses or chemicals. Whatever the job entails, many government employees work with hazardous materials or in risky situations. They require PPE to keep them safe.

Trusting the maintenance of your PPE equipment to a company that knows how important it is to protect employees and has previously worked as a government contractor is vital. Bates Enterprises will work with any government agency to design and implement a PPE laundering program that fits each job site’s safety requirements. By working with you and following EPA regulations, we’ll ensure your government workers can handle each contaminant they encounter in total safety.

We’ve custom-designed a proprietary system that cleans, sanitizes, and maintains your personal protective equipment, prolonging its life regardless of the hazardous conditions on the work site. Contact us for a free trial and to learn how our personalized PPE laundry servicing programs help protect our nation’s workers.

The Importance of PPE for Government Workers

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes that personal protective equipment protects workers from injuries and illnesses. Contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards while on a government job site can cause such trauma. These incidents may result in injured or sick employees and leave your organization vulnerable to legal action. Putting workers at risk without safe and maintained PPE isn’t beneficial to any party involved.

Government agencies overseeing a job must invest in the proper equipment designed to protect their workforce. This can range from something as small as gloves and masks to more considerable investments, like full-body uniforms.

But due diligence continues beyond providing employees with proper equipment. You must continue to launder and maintain government-issued PPE throughout the job length. Personal protective equipment will keep employees safe, but workers are still at risk if chemicals or other substances contaminate the equipment. Bates Enterprises has the industrial laundry equipment and technology necessary to clean essential PPE for government workers of all kinds.

Our Commercial Laundry Equipment Thoroughly Cleans the Following PPE Items & Materials:

  • Kevlar
  • Twaron
  • Dyneema
  • PVC
  • Urethane / HPPE
  • Nitrile
  • Impact Gloves
  • Rugs
  • Robot Covers
  • Protective & FR Clothing
  • Absorbents
  • Sealer Rags & Gloves
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Harnesses
  • Sleeves
  • Welding Jackets
  • Chaps
  • Hi-Vis Clothing
  • Microfiber Rags / Shop Towels
  • Safety Vests
  • Paint Gloves
  • Mop Heads

Delivering cost-effective and convenient PPE laundering solutions, Bates Enterprises is the laundering service your team can rely on. As a government agency, you may have an extra responsibility to protect the environment. Our PPE recycling services keep dirty PPE out of landfills to help save planet Earth.

We maintain 100% compliance with all federal environmental regulations and dispose of all waste through a federally-regulated disposal service. Bates Enterprises also provides fabric-specific patching and repair services that meet the federal government’s and your safety guidelines.

Please contact us if you have any questions about a garment or material you don’t see listed here.

Discover PPE Laundering & PPE Recycling Solutions for the Government Sector — Free Trials Available!

In the government sector, taxpayer-funded projects have unique PPE requirements—and budgetary constraints. But with Bates Enterprises, you don’t have to sacrifice safety. Our team can help you save money and protect employees through:


  • Top-tier quality control
  • Fast turnaround
  • Independent lab testing for quality
  • Product-specific patching and repair
  • Proprietary product-specific formulas and CDC-approved processes
  • Strong partnerships with manufacturers and top leaders in the industry
  • WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise)
  • Member of the SRMC (South Regions Minority Business Council)
  • Certified HUB (Historically Underutilized Business)

Since 1995, Bates Enterprises has been cleaning and recycling used personal protective equipment for industries ranging from local municipal projects to statewide initiatives. From our headquarters in Childersburg, Alabama, we proudly provide clean PPE nationwide. Let us put our proven experience to work for you!

Contact us now for custom, cost-effective recycling and laundering plans for your used PPE. Free trials for up to 50 lbs. of PPE are available!

Government Agencies Benefit From Partnering With Bates Enterprises

Regardless of the level of government or size of the job, your job will benefit from the expertise of working with Bates Enterprises.

  • Cost Savings: By laundering PPE with Bates Enterprises, some clients see up to 85% savings on PPE costs. It’s more cost-effective than cleaning your PPE in-house and more beneficial to the taxpayer. Bates Enterprises even provides monthly itemized tracking reports to help you monitor your savings.
  • Expertise: With years of experience, proven knowledge, and heavy-duty commercial washers and dryers, we can adequately launder all sorts of PPE and protect it for the long haul.
  • Compliance: When hiring an independent contractor as a government agency, it’s crucial that each business you work with follows every regulation. We’re thoroughly familiar with each sector’s PPE laundering regulations and are committed to keeping our partners compliant.
  • Convenience: With our convenient box program, you only have to mail us your dirty PPE. Local southeast customers have the option of pickup and delivery. This convenience provides clean, safe, and ready-to-use personal protective equipment.

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